Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Blog About "Nothing"

Much like the popular show Seinfeld, this is a blog about "Nothing." Judging from the popularity of Seinfeld, I have reason to believe that my blog will become an instant success. I know that many of you want to know every detail of my life and would like it delivered to you in a shameless, self-promotional medium. This is why I have created a blog. Here, you will be able to read my brilliant words and see pictures of my dazzling face.


  1. When you say that it's "a blog about nothing," are you really trying to say that it's a blog where you write nothing? Because I only see one post AND THAT WILL NOT DO.

  2. I'm hyjacking this site. My name is Merrianne. I do not own twenty cardigans. I collect slacks. I've done my research and there is only one other person named Merrianne in the US. She lives in Hawaii and could not possibly own so many sweaters. You are clearly an imposter.